EP 8: How Predictable Revenue Launched a Virtual Conference that Got 3600 Registrations


TLDR of the Episode

In this episode, I talk to Julia Heesen, head of marketing at Predictable Revenue, a company that helps SaaS organizations grow with outbound sales development. 

Here’s the TLDR of the episode:

>> The nitty-gritty of hosting a virtual conference

>> Things you should do to make the conference engaging

>> Why create a community (or leverage the one you have) to make the conference a success

>> How to repurpose the conference talks using the Gary Vee model for repurposing content

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About the Guest

Julia Heesen heads the Marketing Team at Predictable Revenue, the Outbound Success Company. She started as a new Marketing Hire responsible for Social Media. Her responsibilities grew steadily. Twelve months later she was promoted to Head of Marketing, leading a team of five. A year into leadership, Julia and her team have been continuously crushing targets. 

Julia is passionate about Demand Gen, Content, and the close alignment between marketing and sales. She strongly believes in owning her growth, always on the lookout to learn, experiment, and grow both professionally and personally.

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