EP 7: The Anatomy of a High-Converting SaaS Landing Page


TLDR of the Episode

In this episode, I talk to Oliver Kenyon, Co-founder & CEO of Landing Page Guys, an agency that specializes in creating successful landing pages that skyrocket your sales.

Here’s the TLDR of what we talked about in this episode:

>> Basic differences between a SaaS & an e-commerce landing page

>> “Features tell, benefits sell”

>> The art of crafting the perfect landing page using the AIDA principle

>> How you should write a proper CTA (button)

>> Does design affect your page’s conversion rate?

>> How to A/B test your page the right way

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About the Guest

Oliver is a fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur. He’s founded several companies in the online space one of which was acquired by Neil Patel’s investment firm in a 7 figure exit and is the biggest affiliate marketing community online: AffiliateFix.com

He is currently co-founder of a landing page design agency Landing Page Guys, helping clients to skyrocket their conversion rates and increase sales. LPG is a team of 30+ and does between 60-100 projects per month.

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