EP 6: How Bannersnack Grew Its Site Traffic by 61% & Leveraging Pinterest as a Search Engine to Create Content


TLDR of the Episode

In this episode, I talk to Robert Katai, content & communications manager at Bannersnack, an online graphic design that’s super easy to use.

Here’s the TLDR episode of what we talked about in this episode:

>> Content cluster strategy with a focus on a single keyword

>> The content strategy that you need to create to launch a feature

>> How to create content for your site that doesn’t exist elsewhere

>> Leveraging Pinterest as a search engine to determine the user’s intent and create content according to that

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About the Guest

Robert has been a marketer since 2007. He was born and brought up in Romania and is currently leading content & communications at Bannersnack. He also runs a marketing podcast in his native language.

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