EP 5: How Supermetrics Grew Its Blog-influenced Trials by 34% through Product-led Content


TLDR of the Episode

In this episode, I talk to Pinja Virtanen, content marketing manager at Supermetrics, a SaaS tool that helps you transfer data from different sources into the platform of your choice.  

Here’s what we talked about:

>> How to categorize your existing content (keep, optimize/refresh or unpublish)

>> Focusing on BOFU content to drive trial sign-ups (integration pages like “move Facebook Ads data to Google Data Studio)

>> Strategy to run webinars at scale for driving enterprise leads (secret? pre-recorded webinars with customers)

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About the Guest

Pinja has over 5 years of experience helping SaaS companies scale with content marketing. Her recent stint was at Advance B2B, a premium marketing agency for tech companies, where she helped her clients grow with content.

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