EP 4: "Pizza in Email" Campaign Generated 1400% More Leads at Workiz & Website Re-design using Customer Feedback at Lusha


TLDR of the Episode

In this episode, I talk to Vanessa Perplies, Content Lead at Lusha, a data enrichment tool for B2B companies.

Here’s what we talked about:

– The power of ‘pizza’ images (and more) in an email outreach campaign that drove 72 leads from an ice-cold list

– The thought process behind crafting the email copy and how Vanessa tapped into the five senses

– Why Lusha needed a website redesign

– How Vanessa leveraged customer feedback to rewrite the website from scratch (the whole process)

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About the Guest

Vanessa leads Content at Lusha, a data enrichment tool for B2B companies. A 10-year veteran of the Israeli high-tech scene, Vanessa is allergic to copy that resorts to buzzwords like “efficient” and “revolutionary.” She loves pizza, her dog, Krembo, and can’t get enough of B2B SaaS.

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