EP 3: How Wiza Grew their Organic Search Traffic by 135% in Just 6 Months


TLDR of the Episode

In this episode, I talk to Brooklin Nash, Head of Content at Wiza, a data enrichment tool for sales and marketing teams.

Here’s what we talked about:

– How they grew their DR from 10 to 49 in just 6 months

– How they improved existing articles by implementing SEO best practices

– The “content bucket” strategy to post across the funnel stages

– Why content marketers need to be better at sales

– How to get backlinks from top sites like Saleshacker, G2 & Drift
– Why they don’t preach gated content

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About the Guest

Brooklin is the Head of Content at Wiza.co, a data enrichment tool for sales and marketing teams. As the first marketing hire, he’s been tasked with increasing organic traffic, creating sales materials, and building brand awareness via partnerships and social media. 

Outside of Wiza, Brooklin runs a content marketing agency with his wife, Becca, and a small team. He currently lives in Guatemala but considers San Diego his ‘home’.

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