EP 2: How Soapbox Grew their Weekly MQLs by 318% in Just 3 Months


TLDR of the Episode

In this episode of SaaS Content @ Scale, I talk to Hiba Amin, Content Marketing Manager at Soapbox, a SaaS product built to help managers lead their teams, better.

Here’s what we talked about:

– How they ran an AppSumo campaign that generated a lot of MQLs & brand awareness

– How to identify primary keywords and write awesome SEO-focused content around them

– Creating a checklist (of channels) for content promotion is super helpful

– How HARO helped them get featured on HBR

– A brief on Product Hunt launches & the concept of “Products as Marketing”

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About the Guest

Hiba leads content marketing at Soapbox, a suite of tools built to help managers lead their teams, better. She is an experienced marketing professional with a proven track record of driving business results through conversion-driven marketing campaigns, sales and marketing alignment, and demand generation initiatives.

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