EP 1: How Directive Helped Sumo Logic Grow their Keyword Rankings by 61% Y-o-Y


TLDR of the Episode

In this episode of SaaS Content @ Scale, I talk to Brendan Hufford, Head of SEO at Directive Consulting, a PPC & SEO agency for SaaS companies based in the US.

Here’s what we talked about:

– Owning all the “What is” searches for a particular topic. In this case, it was ‘devops’ and allied terms.

– Creating a “Content Glossary” out of the above and how it brings in a lot of links, tons of top-of-the-funnel searches & brand discoverability.

– Pursue relevant keywords; don’t base it off of keyword volume.

– Bring external writers to scale up the volume.

– Wikipedia’s internal linking and how you should copy it.

– YouTube SEO 101

– Starting & scaling a podcast

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About the Guest

Brendan Hufford has followed a winding career path that started as a high school teacher, and leads him to us, today, where he is spending most of his time thinking about SaaS content. In that time, he founded SEO for the Rest of Us and has created hundreds of articles and videos around SEO and content marketing.

Brendan also leads the SEO team at Directive, a search marketing agency that works almost exclusively with software and saas companies.

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